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The Great Landlord Formula 

Step 1: Finding Great Tenants 

Presentation is key: 
A well-presented property is highly likely to attract great tenants when it is being marketed. It will immediately give confidence to prospective tenants that the Landlord and the previous tenants have cared about the property. 
When we advertise a property we make sure it stands out from our competitors. 
A clean and tidy property is always better to photograph. Good photographs immediately cast good first impressions and our aim is to ensure those impressions are positive ones. 
We publish as many suitable photographs whenever we can and a better description than many of our competitors. We do this because the feedback we have had from prospective tenants is that a good description and lots of photographs makes them want to view a property. 
Over 90% of your potential tenants now search online for a property. So, we primarily use and Prime to market our properties.  
We have a database of waiting tenants who have registered with us. We also have existing tenants who are looking to move and are asking us to find them a suitable property because they want to stay with us as their letting agent. 
We will also use social media to market your property. Social Media is a fantastic marketing tool that many other agents do not use. 
We accompany every viewing and will have a detailed knowledge of every property and the local area, so when we conduct the viewing we can answer almost anything that the applicant will want to know. 
“...thank you for your efforts in promptly finding excellent tenants for the two 
flats for which I have recently required your services...” 
- Mr Price 
We guarantee that we obtain professionally and independently sourced references for each tenant which includes in-depth financial checks, obtaining employment references and references from their current or previous Landlord or Letting Agent. 
We will be on hand as well as our referencing company to assist the applicants if they need any help during the referencing process. 
“Thank you for everything you have done in securing the tenancy on my property. 
I am only too aware of the work you have undertaken in renting out the property 
and arranging the necessary checks required to safeguard my position as a Landlord.” 
- Mr Abreu 

Step 2: Keeping Great Tenants 

Fact - Great Tenants stay longer: The average length of time a tenant stays in a property is now reported nationally as being 20 months (Nov 2013). 
Our tenants on average are staying longer than that – only our second ever client in 2010 is still in the same house and completely happy with no intention of moving. Why has that happened? 
Well we have a Great Landlord who ensures the property is well maintained and a Great Tenant who has made the house their home and pays the rent on time every month. 
We think we play our part too in the positive way we manage the property! 
So how do we keep Great Tenants? 
Easy! We always remember our tenants are customers too. Our principles are honest and straight-forward at Crowe Property Agency: 
Great customer service and communication is the key to building positive relationships and ultimately results in more prosperous tenancies. We are quietly building a great reputation for providing great service and great value for our Landlords and our Tenants. 
Once the tenants have been approved for the tenancy we make sure that everything goes smoothly on check-in day, so the tenancy benefits from a positive start. 
We always meet our tenants at the property and go through our comprehensive inventory. 
We inform the Council and Utility Companies for them so they don’t have to worry about it. 
We make sure they know what to do in an emergency. 
We make their moving day easier. 

Step 3: Protecting your investment 

All properties need to be maintained, we help with this and ensure that when something does go wrong, we act fast. 
We offer a 24hr helpline to our clients and a multi-language online reporting system. We have access to all the necessary trades. If you choose to use our contractors we never charge a commission like many other agents, helping you keep your costs to a minimum. 
Our Active Property Management System of regular inspections and communication with your tenants enables us to identify any issues with your property and/or tenant at a very early stage and we will let you know! This gives you the opportunity to take the appropriate action before things get out of hand. 
Comprehensive inventories are a must to protect your investment. Our inventories fully describe the condition of your property, have embedded digital photographs and we even take a video too! The net result is that we have very few issues at the end of a tenancy and the vast majority of tenants receive their full deposit back after they have vacated the property. 
‘As a first time landlord, Nigel has continuously provided me with first rate advice 
and assistance and I trust his judgement implicitly. It is a pleasure to do let my 
property through his agency’ 
- Capt F Taylor