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Tenant Check Out Advice  

This advice has been developed as a general guide for tenants when vacating a property to assist in avoiding any disputes relating to their deposit. Each property is unique and this advice should not be regarded as an exhaustive list of what is required to avoid any issues with the deposit and should be read in conjunction with your own tenancy agreement. 
The Check-In Inventory will be used to assess any dilapidation's. Ideally one of the tenants should be present at the Check-Out inspection. The property must have been vacated and ready for inspection. Keys are to be returned to the Inventory Clerk. 
The property must be left in the same condition (less fair wear and tear) as when you started your tenancy. 
The various Deposit Protection Schemes report that the majority of deposit issues they deal with generally relate to the cleanliness of the property. The vast majority of tenants leave the property clean and tidy, however the common things that are missed are: 
• Windows 
• Skirting Boards 
• Light Fittings 
• Inside Kitchen Cupboards 
• Ovens and Hob 
• Fridge and Freezer 
• Washing Machine detergent drawer. 
• Toilets 
• Shower Screens 
The gardens, outhouses, sheds and garages must be left clear and tidy. 
Smoke Alarm Batteries and defective light bulbs must be replaced and in working order. 
All items noted on the inventory must be left at the property in the same place. 
Doors to electrical appliances should be left open and the power turned off at the socket. 
All personal possessions must be removed. Any personal possessions left at the end of the tenancy will considered to be abandoned goods and will be disposed of, for which there will be a charge, based on time and costs involved of disposing of said goods. 
Any rubbish or waste left at the property (other than that which is in already in the appropriate wheelie bin and which will normally be removed by the Council) will be removed and the costs involved in such removal will be charged to the tenant. 
Once the keys have been handed in there will be no right of re-entry to the property. 
We will photograph the meters and inform the utility companies that you have vacated the property. 
Please ensure that you instruct Royal Mail to re-direct your post at least 10 days before you vacate the property. 
In summary the common issues that may result in a claim on your deposit are: 
• Cleaning 
• Gardening 
• Replacement of broken or missing items 
• Removal of rubbish.